Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Assignment for Big Boss

Yesterday, I emailed Big Boss some pictures I took of myself over the weekend. One picture was of me bent over my couch spreading my ass for him to worship, one was of me crouching on my balcony letting out a strong stream of piss, and the last was of me and a Domme friend kissing with the camera pointing up our skirts displaying our bare legs and bare pussies.

I instructed him to masturbate 3 times throughout the day to the pictures.

The first pic he was to jerk off thinking of what my ass smells like, how my silky ass cheeks feel pressed against his face, and the spicy, musky taste of my asshole.

The second picture he was to jerk off imagining the warmth of my piss running down his face and neck, the bitter nectar filling his mouth, and that my pee is marking him as my property.

The third picture he was to jerk off thinking about how I tease him, how I deny him the infinite pleasure of being fully embedded in my pussy, and how he will be displayed to my girlfriends and be shown off as an obedient slave.

At the end of the day he sent me an email informing me he had done as I instructed, and that it had been the best day at work he's had ever! He thanked me over and over, and pledged he would do anything for me, just to have the chance to be with me again.

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