Monday, March 30, 2009

My Baby Boy

I have been having some wonderful times with my newest baby boy. He's normally very well behaved, and he tries to be a good boy, but sometimes he need the type of discipline that only Mommy can give; loving nurturing correction to ensure his continued obedience.

My little boy loves his bottle, and nuk-nuk. He loves to be cradled in my arms as I tell him stories about what happens to naughty boys who do not have a Mommy that cares for them as much as his Mommy cares for him. Stories like the one I told him Friday as I gave him his bottle after a particularly sever spanking, about a boy who pulled kitties' tails, and wrote on walls, and skipped school. That little boy got a very hard spanking from the judge in front of everyone! How humiliating!

My little boy also loves Mommy's feet. Mommy wears thigh high stockings to work, and at the end of the day her tired sweaty feet need rubbing, and Mommy's little boy is happy to massage Mommy's feet. My baby sucks and sniffs my feet, and I shove them into his mouth stretching his lips wide. And if he's very good, he gets a horsey ride on Mommy's leg, bouncing merrily into bliss.

Even though he is mostly a good boy, he does need disciplining. His teachers at school do not have the power to give him the spankings required to keep him in line, so when he gets home Mommy has to correct all the lax discipline during the day. Mommy puts him over her knees and spanks his diaper with her hand, then her slipper, until my boy is red faced and sweating. I spank him in full view in front of the open windows, so that if anyone passes by they'll know what a naughty boy gets. I tell him that people can hear him being spanked, and they can hear me berating him severely.

He really is a good boy. He just need the loving discipline only a Mommy can prescribe.

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