Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Assignment for Big Boss

Yesterday, I emailed Big Boss some pictures I took of myself over the weekend. One picture was of me bent over my couch spreading my ass for him to worship, one was of me crouching on my balcony letting out a strong stream of piss, and the last was of me and a Domme friend kissing with the camera pointing up our skirts displaying our bare legs and bare pussies.

I instructed him to masturbate 3 times throughout the day to the pictures.

The first pic he was to jerk off thinking of what my ass smells like, how my silky ass cheeks feel pressed against his face, and the spicy, musky taste of my asshole.

The second picture he was to jerk off imagining the warmth of my piss running down his face and neck, the bitter nectar filling his mouth, and that my pee is marking him as my property.

The third picture he was to jerk off thinking about how I tease him, how I deny him the infinite pleasure of being fully embedded in my pussy, and how he will be displayed to my girlfriends and be shown off as an obedient slave.

At the end of the day he sent me an email informing me he had done as I instructed, and that it had been the best day at work he's had ever! He thanked me over and over, and pledged he would do anything for me, just to have the chance to be with me again.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Baby Boy

I have been having some wonderful times with my newest baby boy. He's normally very well behaved, and he tries to be a good boy, but sometimes he need the type of discipline that only Mommy can give; loving nurturing correction to ensure his continued obedience.

My little boy loves his bottle, and nuk-nuk. He loves to be cradled in my arms as I tell him stories about what happens to naughty boys who do not have a Mommy that cares for them as much as his Mommy cares for him. Stories like the one I told him Friday as I gave him his bottle after a particularly sever spanking, about a boy who pulled kitties' tails, and wrote on walls, and skipped school. That little boy got a very hard spanking from the judge in front of everyone! How humiliating!

My little boy also loves Mommy's feet. Mommy wears thigh high stockings to work, and at the end of the day her tired sweaty feet need rubbing, and Mommy's little boy is happy to massage Mommy's feet. My baby sucks and sniffs my feet, and I shove them into his mouth stretching his lips wide. And if he's very good, he gets a horsey ride on Mommy's leg, bouncing merrily into bliss.

Even though he is mostly a good boy, he does need disciplining. His teachers at school do not have the power to give him the spankings required to keep him in line, so when he gets home Mommy has to correct all the lax discipline during the day. Mommy puts him over her knees and spanks his diaper with her hand, then her slipper, until my boy is red faced and sweating. I spank him in full view in front of the open windows, so that if anyone passes by they'll know what a naughty boy gets. I tell him that people can hear him being spanked, and they can hear me berating him severely.

He really is a good boy. He just need the loving discipline only a Mommy can prescribe.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've been having so much fun with my newest slave! He a complete newbie, but very very submissive already. He came to me in desperate nned of strap-on training, and I couldn't be happier with his progress.

During his last visit I dressed him up in silk stockings, a sheer mesh camisole and panty set, red wavy wig, and a full face of makeup. My little gurl hasn't progressed to wearing heels yet, but he's making great strides in becoming my blowjob princess!

At first he wasn't able to take my strap-on all the way in his mouth, and I've had to work with him alot with relaxing his gag reflex to be able to deepthroat. His little pink lip glossed mouth looks so good swallowing my flesh colored dildo. It makes me want to pound his face harder, forcing myself in until I hit the back of his throat. He licks all over my dildo making it glisten with his spit, and that's when I smack his cheeks with it. I don't let him touch his cock until I get behind him to fill his ass.

I never take his panties off, I just pull them down enough to reveal his pink rosebud asshole. I lube him up and ease my strap-on cock all the way in. He's so tight he squirms and twists, but I make him beg out loud for more. I tell him what a little cock slut he is, and I threaten to make him take a real cock if he doesn't fuck my strap-on with enough enthusiasm. Then I let him touch his hard cock, and he cums all over his panties with me impaling him.

One of these days I really am going to make him suck cock. My pet needs a bit more training before that can happen, but he's gonna be my number one little cocksucker!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Tell Motel

Trying to get some time alone with Big Boss is difficult. In an office full of gossiping women, it's been proving difficult to seduce him without the prying eyes, and flapping lips, of the peanut gallery. In order to be alone with Big Boss, I'd decided to set up a date with him via emails. At first I was just flirting and teasing him, sending him cellphone pics of my panties, my lace covered breasts, and little peeks of my pink pussy taken in the stall of the ladies room. He responded with pleas to send more, and then begging me to stop, and then begging for more again. Heh heh. Poor man, doesn't know what to do with himself.

Fortunately, I know what to do with him. I told him yesterday that he was going to skip his usual Monday night dinner with the sales managers, and instead reserve a motel room nearby. At first he resisted my directive, but I insisted, and he was helpless to deny me. I told him I would meet him there around 6.

I sped home after work, and changed into a tight black corset that nipped in my waist and pushed up my tits, and my nipples peeked out over the top. I rolled up my best silk stockings and attached them to the garters at the bottom of my corset. I put a black satin g-string on over the garters so I could remove them without taking my stockings off, and slipped into my highest black peep toe pumps. My long black trench coat went covered the whole thing, and I pranced out the door.

My clit was tingling as I drove to the motel, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on Big Boss. I had barely knocked on the door of the motel room, when it swung open to reveal my flushed breathless boss, all nervous smiles and panting excitement.I smiled at him as I strode in unbuckling my coat, letting it fall to the ground. He ran to pick it up and hang it on the pole. I walked over to the table and hopped up onto it, crossing my legs. His eyes were glued on me as I let my shoe dangle off of my stockinged foot. I told him to kneel in front of me and give me a good foot rub.

He was so attentive to my feet, cradling them lovingly and massaging them. I told him he was allowed to kiss my feet, and he placed his lips against my instep, and licked my toes. When I was satisfied that my feet had been thoroughly worshipped I told him that I wanted him to take my thong off of me.

Once my pussy had been bared, I turned around and took him by the back of his head, forcing his face into the crack of my ass. I told him I wanted him to lick my asshole clean, and to get as deep into my hole as he could. I felt his warm wet tongue snake into my asshole, and he licked and sucked my butt spotless. By now my pussy was soaked. All his moaning, and subservience had me ready for an orgasm. There's nothing I love more than to have a powerful man under my complete control.

I told him to lay down on the bed, and I tied his hands behind his head with the belt of my coat. I crouched over his face and opened the lips of my pussy wide. I said to him that he was mine now, as I fingered my hard clit, and that I was going to mark him as mine. I let loose a golden stream of urine onto his mouth and commanded him to open and drink. He didn't waste a drop.

I told him he was a very good boy for taking as much piss as I gave him, and that his reward would be to make me orgasm with his tongue. I lowered my pussy down onto his face and grinded against him. He sucked and lapped at my clit, and shoved his tongue deep into me. I rode his face, rubbing my pussy all over his chin, lips, cheeks, and nose. His face was dripping with my juices, and I came hard all over him, grunting and moaning.

Alas, his own orgasm was not to be. I got up, put my panties and coat on, leaving him on the motel bed, throbbing hard, and covered in the scent of my piss and cum. Lucky little pet! HA!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

She's Got Legs.....

I had a fantastic body worship session last week with a very eager submissive. So much fun! My little pet was interested in worshipping me from the tips of my toes to the tops of my thighs. He was particularly interested in my black stocking clad legs, and my very high patent leather pumps.

When I entered the room he was naked and bowing low with his forehead on the floor. So impatient was he to get my hands on his ass, he lifted it up to me when I walked around him. I told him he had a hungry little asshole, and that if he wanted attention there, he would have to earn it.

I proceeded to spank him with my hand, creating an even pinkness all over his cheeks. But that was hardly satisfying for me. I moved to a long narrow leather paddle, and slapped across his ass, and that's when his skin began to truly glow. I could feel the heat radiating off his smooth ass, as I raked my nails all over the freshly abused flesh. He squirmed and wriggled, so I gave him a few more whacks to settle him down.

I stepped around his body and placed the tip of my shoe in front of his forehead, and commanded him to thank me for my kind attention. He slathered my pump with kisses, and cleaned them with his tongue to a gleaming shine. He cradled the heel in his hand, and gratefully placed kisses from the sole to the top of the heel.

I allowed him to run his hands up my legs, and he exclaimed at how shapely my calves were, how soft the skin on my thighs are. He was nearly in tears with awe, and rubbed his face up and down the entire length of my legs, snuggling and nuzzling like a child.

I stopped him from further worship, and instructed him to get on top of the leather horse. I bound his wrists and ankles in leather cuffs and attached them to the horse with a puppy pad under his rock hard cock. Again, the little ass slut wriggled and writhed, aching for me to finger his starving asshole. I decided he had shown me the appropriate amount of deference, in words and deeds, and reached for a latex glove and some lubricant.

After I juiced his little pink rosebud up, I entered him with one finger. My little boy was very tight, and I worked him in and out very deeply. He couldn't control his thrusting, and was soon working his asshole on my penetrating finger. I told him what a slut and whore he was. How filthy he was, and how I was going to make him suck cock eventually. I threatened to take his ass in front of a room full of Domme friends of mine. He went wild for the idea of being my forced bi-slut. He moaned, and I slapped him across the ass as he exploded all over the puppy pad, screaming with his release.

My pet was so grateful, and impressed with the skills of his Mistress, he booked time with me again right away. I was more than happy to indulge him, since he was so well behaved. My good little pets always receive special attention.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Casual Friday

So, I was wondering if Big Boss was ever going to get around to reacting to my little present. I went all last week without hardly any contact with him at all. He barely paused at my cubicle to say hello, like he usually does.

But then I realized I'm in charge of this, so I took a giant leap forward.

At the end of the day on Friday I walked into his office and said I needed to speak to him, and closed his door. I sat in the chair in front of his desk, and said that I believed he had something of mine.

As I said this, I spread my legs open and showed him my bare pink slit. I wanted him to see everything, every crease, every rosy pout, the dampness of my pussy. I ran my hand up the inside of my thigh, and tugged on the graters at the top of my stockings, and spread a little wider. He couldn't take his eyes off me as he reached inside of his desk and pulled out the little scrap of red silk I had left in his office.

I told him to come around the desk and hand it to me. And his face got a little red as he walked around towards me. I didn't close my legs when he reached out to hand me the balled up fabric in his hand, but I didn't reach for the panties. I told him to get down on his knees in front of me, and to be honest, I wasn't sure he would. And then there he was, on the floor, his face a foot away from my spread pussy. He was getting a very good long look as I continued to run my hands up the inside of my legs, over my nylons, and slipping my fingers under my skirt.

He licked his lips when I told him I wanted him to slip the panties onto me. I held up my left leg, my foot right in his face, and he hooked the undies around my ankle. I lifted up my other foot, and he repeated with the other side. I stood up in my high heeled pumps, bringing my pussy right in front of his face. His nose even bumped my clit, and I'm sure his head filled with the scent of my desire. I held up my skirt, and he pulled the panties up over my soaked slit.

I turned around to give him a nice view of the seams in my stockings and my round ass, and told him to adjust the thong in the back so it went straight up the crack of my ass. I could feel his fingers shaking as his fingertips brushed along the smooth crack of my creamy ass, and I bent over to open my ass up a bit. I let my skirt drop when I stood back up, thanked him for returning my panties, and left him there on the floor with a raging hard on pressing thru the front of his pants!

O how I love "Casual Friday"!!! Ha!

Friday, March 6, 2009

On my day off I thought of a way to up the ante with Big Boss. When I got dressed yesterday I wore a silky red thong, a short pleated black skirt, a lacy grey blouse, and a super duper push up bra.

I knocked on Big Boss's office door just as everyone was leaving for lunch to "give him some files", that he didn't really need. We chatted for a second, all innocently, tho I did lean over the desk a bit to give him a look at my cleavage. When I was walking to the door to leave, I dropped my pen, and bent at the waist to give him a good view of my stocking covered legs and bare ass. I wanted to make sure he saw the red thong, so I spread my legs a tiny bit. I heard him gasp as I closed his door behind me! Heh heh!

It turned me on so much to tease him that I played with myself in my car. But I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I played with myself again in the restroom a little later. Then I got an idea, and wiped my pussy with the thong and put them in my purse.

Before I left work I left my soaked thong on the chair in his office! I wish I could have seen the look on his face when he found my underwear in his seat, just imagining him taking them into his hand and sniffing them turns me on. I can just imagine him wrapping them around his cock and jerking off into the red silky material. I hope he gives it a huge load!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love for My Online Slaves

I love having my online slaves to Dominate. I know some Dommes prefer to only see their slaves in in person sessions, but the spontaneity of my online slaves is something I don't think I would want to go without.

My clients are busy running their businesses and firms, and they travel alot for their work. They come in when they make time to submit. It may come as a surprise to some, but being a Domme can be lonely sometimes. But not for me, and that's because of my online pets.

I'll give you an example. The other night after a session in the dungeon, I was still feeling that rush of adrenaline I always get when I have a submissive under my complete control. I figured I'd go unwind with a drink at the lounge nearby. So, there I am, body humming with energy, feeling vibrant and excited about the playtime I had just experienced, and no one to share it with. I just wanted to tell someone how much fun I had had, how my slave had begged for more body worship, pleaded with me to let him cum. But I was alone.

I was ordering my second drink when my phone buzzed in my bag, and I pull it out, and it's one of my online tributers. And we had the best time chatting and laughing as I regaled my slave with the games I had played that evening. My online slave and the slave I had sessioned with have similar interests, so my pet was practically panting by the time I was finished whispering how deeply I had penetrated my sub, and how I had made him yelp with his cock and ball torture, and desperate he sounded when he was denied an orgasm.

It was wonderful to have my pet on the other line telling me how he couldn't wait to see me online again, how grateful he was when I gave him my time on the phone. He worshipped me from afar with praise of my beauty and my skill. He really is a very charming little pet, and he's sending me a new latex outfit that I'll be wearing in some new pix coming soon. He's such a good boy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Humiliated Cuckold

I hear the whimpering even before I walk thru the door. I know I will find my little pet chained to my bedpost, curled up on his blanket. It’s Friday evening, and he knows that means he’s in for a sleepless night suffering blue balls…I love Friday nights.

My lover follows me into my bedroom, not even bothering to glance at the pitifully eager slave at the foot of my bed. My pet peeks over the footboard to stare at the enormous erection my lover is displaying. If my slave’s cock wasn’t bound up in a plastic chastity cage I’m sure he’d be stroking his pathetic little flap of flesh. My pet is practically drooling with desire. Too bad for him!

“Come, my love,” I whisper to the tall strong man before me, “Kiss me.”

I pull my lover close to me on the bed, and devour his mouth with mine. He kisses me back with passion, and off in the distance I hear my pet squeaking sadly. I ignore my pet, and reach out for the rock hard cock of a real man. My lover moans against my lips, and squeezes my breast, rolling my nipple under his finger, and then it’s my turn to moan.

“You see this, pet?” I shoot over my shoulder, not taking my eyes of the broad shoulders and muscled arms of my lover, “This is what a true man can do to a woman. This is how a man turns a woman on. He’s strong, where you’re weak. He’s hard, where you’re soft. He’s eager, where you’re timid. You’ll never have what he can have, because you’re just a wimpy little sissy, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Miss,” my slave replies in a lispy little voice, “This slave is not worthy of you, Miss.”

“That’s correct, little pet. Now, get over here and hold this massive cock still so I can climb onto it.”

I hear the clanking of my slave’s chain leash as he crawls around to the edge of the bed to perform his final service of the evening. I lay my lover gently down onto the bed, keeping my eyes locked on my lover’s fierce and hungry gaze. His mouth is set in a confident smirk, and I can sense my slave’s hand snake between my thighs to hold my lover’s cock in place for me. My cunt is soaked, and my pet is so close I’m sure he can smell my arousal. If my little slave doesn’t smell my juicy pussy, I have no doubt he feels it. I’m dripping down my legs with desire.

I slowly pierce myself, relishing the first entry. My slave is not allowed to let go until I’ve fully embedded the entire shaft in me. I tease my desperate slave by using my incredible willpower to keep from going all the way down. I work myself up and down slowly, driving my lover into frenzy. I take pity on my lover, certainly not my slave, and slam my ass all the way until I’m sitting on my lover’s rigid thighs.

My slave slinks away, back to the foot of the bed to watch. I know without looking that he’s uselessly humping the air; sighing without relief. I quickly leave thoughts of my pet behind as I continue to work my lover’s cock, seeking my own orgasm; the frustrated tears of my slave falling on deaf ears.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sissy Shopping

Yesterday afternoon a Domme friend of mine, Ms. S, and I were chatting on the phone about a novice sissy, Kay, who is interested in femininity training. It seems that the young ladie has been harboring these desires for years, but owing to living with a large family in an extremely conservative part of the country, she's been unable to fully express her true self. We felt she needed our help, so we decided that we needed to take her shopping.

Yay shopping!!

When we got to the mall, our first stop was the cosmetics store so we could choose the perfect colors for our new gurl. Both Ms. S and I have worked as estheticians, so we knew we needed to start with Kay's make-up and skin care first. Kay could barely control her excitement when she saw all the colors there were to choose from, but we steered her first to the appropriate skin care products and proceeded to educate her on the proper way to cleanse and care for her type of skin. After that we allowed her to pick out her make-up, advising her along the way about the best shade to compliment her coloring.

Next was the shoe store. Kay is fortunate in that she posses relatively small feet, and we were able to find her two pairs of shoes that fit her beautifully. The first pair has a low heel, that's going to be her "practice" pair so she can learn how to walk in heels. When Kay first tried them on and attempted to walk down the aisle Ms. S and I couldn't help giggling at her awkwardness. We teased her that she would have to do alot of chores in her new heels in order to improve her gait. Kay's other pair of new shoes she'll have to work up to. Those are her "inspiration" shoes, a pair of red platforms with little ankle straps. So cute!!

Kay looked so proud and giddy following Ms. S and me and to the wig store. Kay swung her bags and pointed at all the things she was going to get once her transformation progressed. Ms. S and I reminded her she still had a long way to go, but we encouraged her enthusiasm (Kay is so adorable!). At the wig store we decided that Kay need a full wig until her hair grew out, and then we could get her some clip in extensions. We left the store with a fantastic wavy blonde wig that fell just past Kay's shoulders.

Ms. S and I had saved the best for last, and we made our way to the lingerie store. I could see Kay's clit pressing against her pants making a slight bulge when she began to touch all that silk and lace. She grew quiet, and reverently ran her fingers across satin panties, lacy bras, and sheer garters. We chose a pair of see thru white panties and bra set and a satiny black bra and thong set with lace on the edges for when she needed to look slutty.

As we made our way to the check out counter Kay looked over at the garters longingly, and we just couldn't resist getting her a pair. We let her pick out which ever one she wanted, and she chose a pink mesh garter skirt with darker pink bows at the hips. She'd obviously been listening when we had told her that pink was a good color for her ( very good gurl!). Of course now she needed stockings, and we picked out one pair of nude nylons and a black pair with seams up the back because every gurl needs a pair of seamed stockings!

When we got home we had Kay give us a fashion show of all her new things. She pranced around the house in her new lingerie and practice heels. Ms. S and I giggled and teased Kay when she danced sexy for us to the music on the stereo, and we tried to teach her how to move like a lady. Kay's going to have to work on that!

We didn't allow her to try her make-up on yet, but we did show her how to use her new skin care cleanser and moisturizers. Soon we'll be able to move on to her cosmetics and hair removal, but she must be patient, and we have to be sure she retains the basics before moving on to more advanced training.

Keep your fingers crossed for our gurl, Kay!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

She Works Hard For The Money

So, I'm embarking on a new adventure in life. Putting my best patent pump forward, so to speak, and stepping out into the world as a Pro Domme. Change can be a scary thing, but I am very excited about the experiences and new slaves I'll be meeting!

In my vanilla life, I do administrative work. I've been "temping" in an office now for a few days a week for about 5 months. I say "temping", because I think they'll end up keeping me much longer. I think my boss's boss may have a bit of a thing for me. I don't have too much one on one contact with him, but about once a day he finds a reason to have to come to my cubicle.

Now, there's absolutely no reason for someone so high up in the office hierarchy to have to speak to me, but he pops in to say "Hi", or ask how I'm getting along. I'm polite, cheerful, and courteously brief. But he lingers...

Lately, I've taken to only wearing skirts to work. And all last week I only wore stockings, instead of pantyhose. Even my long skirts have a little walking slit up the back, so I know that when I'm crossing my legs, or leaning over my desk the tops of my stockings show. When he came to visit me on Friday I gave him a little something to think about over the weekend! ;)

As he was chit chatting, I repeatedly crossed and uncrossed my legs, making sure he got a nice long view of my legs from my calves up to the gartered nylons at my thighs. His voice got a bit quieter at that, and his eyes were trained on those nylons.With that reaction I couldn't resist spreading my legs a bit to give him a glimpse of my soft inner thigh.

I wonder if he thought about me while he antiqued with his wife, or whatever it is he does with his family over the weekend.

I've been wet thinking about that encounter all morning. He hasn't made his daily appearance at my cubicle yet. I haven't quite figured out what I'll do to tease him today...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quality Control

When I enter the room, he’s kneeling naked with his fingers clasped behind his head, his eyes downcast. It’s uncomfortable for him, but he’ll get used to it. My heels click on the tile as I sashay over to stand in front of today’s project. Mistress has provided me with an extra task this morning, along with my normal dungeon duties, and I’m eager to have this inspection over with so I can attend to my other chores.

“Mistress has entrusted me with your inspection, and I do hope you’ve been attentive to your preparations before coming to see Her,” I say in a clipped, no nonsense tone. I lean over, my face hovering near his ear.

“I have a lot to do, so let’s get this over with. Open your mouth,” and I peer at his teeth, checking for a freshly brushed, minty fresh mouth. I run a latex gloved finger over his teeth and I’m satisfied he’s at least seen to his dental hygiene. Next, I draw my hand across his cheek, and he’s been recently shaved with no discernable growth.

“Very good, piglet. Now, stand up, and arms up,” and I bind his wrists to the cinch overhead, after making sure his nails are clipped short. I throw the switch, sending him stretching up into the air. I give his underarms a sniff, and again he’s followed instructions to ensure Mistress is not assaulted by his unclean body. I pat his head approvingly before turning my attention to his cock.I grasp the pitiful piece of meat dangling between his thighs, twisting it to the left and then to the right to make sure he’s washed thoroughly.

“Well, piglet, you’ve washed, but I see you haven’t seen to the unruly bush surrounding it. Do you think Mistress has time to look for your tiny penis in all this? What if She wants to bind up your tiny penis? How will She find it?”

I walk to the cabinet in the corner and retrieve a pair of stainless steel scissors. The blades are long, sharp and glinting in the light. With the scissors closed, I run the cold metal along the inside of his thigh. He flinches when he feels the tip of the blades come up against the shaft of his cock, which is beginning to come alive. It stiffens as I press the scissors slowly into the delicate skin. Mistress wouldn’t allow me to break the skin of Her pets, but he doesn’t know that. I decide to have a little fun with him for making me have to do extra chores.

“Oh, little piglet, you like the fear, do you? Does that excite you? You’re little cock is getting very hard. I bet you wouldn’t be so hard if I decided to cut it off, would you?” I ask him laughing. I see him biting his lip, and I open the scissors with a scrape. He jumps a little, startled, and it makes me laugh even harder to have him in such a vulnerable position.

“Alright, piglet, enough of this playing. I have too much to do to waste more time for games with you. Spread your legs,” and I quickly and methodically clip away the extra pubic hair around his stiff little cock.

“Don’t think Mistress won’t hear about this, though” I tell him, chuckling.

After I inspect his toenails, and make sure his toes were free of fuzz from his socks, I lower the cinch and unclasp his wrists, telling him to get down on all fours. I walk back to the cabinet and remove a bottle of lube. I squeeze a generous amount onto the gloved fingers of my right hand, smearing them so they’re shiny and slick.

“Open your legs, piglet. Wider! Yes, that’s it. You had better have cleaned that tight asshole of yours, piglet. I do not have time to cleanse you this morning, and if I have to waste time tending to your filthy ass, I will not be pleased.”

I lean over and spread his cheeks open wide. The piglet has neglected to remove the hairs from his asshole, and I make a mental note to address that later, but now I have a more immediate task. I slide my greasy index finger into his hole, slowly at first, getting past his squeaky sphincter. I hear the piglet catch his breath, and I tell him to exhale slowly as I ease my finger deeper into his rectum. I don’t feel anything, and he seems to be clean, but Mistress wants me to be thorough.

I slip my index finger out, and reenter him with two fingers this time. I’m not as gentle with him as I am with the first finger. I enjoy the embarrassment he must be feeling. It’s one thing to submit to his Mistress, but when piglets have to subject themselves to my ministrations, they’re all the more humiliated. Mistress and I take much pleasure in the shaming of her slaves.

I work my two fingers in and out of the piglet’s ass, and I can feel him squeezing around my hand. The moans escaping his lips are low and whimpering. I feel nothing as I press in as deep as my fingers can go, and I’m satisfied that the piglet has prepared his internals for Mistress. I extract my fingers with a pop, and whip off my glove with a snap.

“Well, piglet, I’m relieved you’ve cleaned yourself out, but you seem to have a problem with your hairs back here. Do you have some sort of mental block where pubic hair is concerned? Mistress does not want to see you scraggly little asshole hairs when She turns her attention to your ass. It’s disrespectful.”

“This is one more extra chore I’ve had to perform because of you. Hold those hairy ass cheeks open wide for me while I fix you up properly for Mistress.”

The little piggy spread his ass apart, while I gathered the alcohol, tweezers, cotton, and another pair of gloves. After I pulled my fresh pair of gloves on, I swabbed the tweezers with the alcohol, and then wiped the cotton around the puckered hole of his ass, cleaning off the lube. The piggy only had a few hairs, maybe ten in all, but that was ten too many for Mistress. Little piglet was going to feel every one of those hairs removed from his tender asshole.

The first hair I pulled very slowly and the piggy gave a surprised yelp at the sharp lingering sting. I could hear him hiss and sucking in a breathe between clenched teeth when I immediately swabbed the open follicle with the alcohol soaked cotton. Smirking, I continued the plucking of his hairy ring; repeating the process of drawing out each hair achingly slow, followed by a stinging swipe of cotton.

“It is not your place to make more work for me, piglet,” I told him, cleaning off my tweezers and replacing them in cabinet. “I’m not going to let you forget about your thoughtlessness. Place your hands back onto the floor; I’m not done with your ass, yet.”

I select a long, narrow leather covered paddle from Mistress’s extensive collection hanging along the wall. It gives a satisfying smack when I test it against my hand, and the little piggy twists on all fours in front of me. I can see his pitiful cock swollen with pained desire bobbing between his legs. I doubt Mistress will be allowing such a disobedient slave any release today. I’ll be giving him a good warming up for the punishment he’ll be receiving for his neglectful grooming.

I give him a couple of swats with my gloved hand, but he doesn’t deserve a good slow build-up, so without pause I bring the paddle down onto the pink flesh of his ass. The cracking of leather on skin echoes against the walls, and I wait a moment to let that soak in before pulling back and delivering another full strength blow. The piggy grunts, as pig’s do, but I have no sympathy for a slave who doesn’t pay attention. I aim for his sweet spot with the next swing, and I’m answered with a barely muffled whimper from the piglet. I rake my nails over the freshly abused skin; bring up streaky welts despite the blunting latex of my glove. I administer a few more hard spanks over the newly raised marks before I realize that I have more important things I need to be looking after. Mistress would not want me to put off my other duties to correct this slave.

I balance the paddle across the pig’s rump saying, “I advise you not to move while you wait for Mistress. Mistress will be informed of your transgressions,” I repeat “And She will ensure that you won’t be so absent- minded when it comes to prepping yourself for service.”

Launching My Diary

Welcome to the inaugural posting of my new blog! I am terribly excited about the conversations and ideas I will exploring here. It is my desire that you, my readers, will find it informative as well as titillating.

I have performed as a submissive for many accomplished Mistresses, and they have begun to encourage me more and more to explore my Dominant side. It has become clear to them that I have a natural intuition for what a submissive desires, and that it will be an asset to me in the future. I expect there will be stumbles along the way, but I have always seen mistakes as an opportunity to improve. My Mistresses assure me that my accomplishments will far outweigh my missteps. Education never ends.

Aside from diary like postings, this blog will include my experience in sessions, my fantasies, and updates about my site, The Lola Files, and my YouTube clips. I invite all of you who read this blog to comment, Ping!, email me, or chat.

Now, let's all have some filthy fun!!!!