Friday, July 3, 2009

Weak For Feet

This week has been all about the foot fetish! My boys must know when I've just received a glamorous pedicure, because not 24 hours after my toes were made baby soft, out cam the foot session requests! And my goodness have they been fun...

I already wrote about the first one this week, then yesterday, I had another. The most recent foot session I could do some bondage, so my toy got chained to the wall first thing. He was laid on the ground, wrists chained to the wall, and his feet bound to my suspension unit, wide open, so I could have easy access to torturing his cock, ball, asshole, and all that lays between.

I admit I was not feeling terribly cruel yesterday, so my pet got more "torture" than actual torture. His poor little nipples were clipped, but they just couldn't retain the clips I applied, so I had to discard them. But that just meant I turned my full attention to his cock! I alternated between vibration and smacking. I did crop his cock and balls a bit, but I was feeling really "hands on" and didn't use implements as much as I used my hands and feet.

And did I tease that pet!!! Ha! I straddles him while standing, leaned over his body to torment his cock and balls, and gave him a full view of my ass. Of course he told me how delicious it looked, and how badly he wanted to have it on his face. I told him how wet my panties were from causing him so much distress, and I ran my fingers over my cotton covered pussy and wiggled my ass at him. He continued to beg for me to bring my ass closer to his face, and I continued to tease him by lowering my ass just out of reach of his outstretched neck. I just laughed at his frustration.

I lubed his cock, and sat between his spread legs. I was in a chair, so he had a perfect view of my pussy while I slid my feet all over his cock and balls. I pulled my panties taut between my pussy lips, and he begged for me to give him a peek. As I worked the arch of my feet up and down the shaft of his prick, I kept my thighs open and ran my fingertips over my damp panties. I let him beg some more before I gave him a partial peek, pulling my panties to the side so he could glimpse my glistening flesh for a moment. Ha!

Eventually, I smothered him with my ass, and permitted him to work my clit with his mouth gagged with a pair of my stockings. If he was going to have my pussy smashed onto his mouth, he'd have to work for it, right? Ha ha ha! And he made an excellent effort, fighting against the gag to get ass much of my cunt in his mouth, working desperately to stimulate my clit. And he didn't neglect my asshole, legs, or feet either. He was appropriately enthusiastic and eager to please.

And what a slut when I got him bound to my spanking bench! He begged for his anal play, and promised me all sorts of service if I would just play with his asshole. That little anal slut wanted to get fucked so bad, but once again I had a toy who's eyes were bigger than his...asshole. Ha ha ha. These pets are fortunate I'm knowledgeable enough to know when they're ready for a thorough ass-fucking, and am willing to work them up to it, instead of just ramming into them when they have no idea what they're asking for. Still, he got all the play he needed, and he was gratifyingly trampy, shaking his ass at me, dedicating his asshole to my amusement, offering up his ass for me to turn out for money.

And pleased I was. Truly, it's weeks like this that make me so happy to be a Domme. The give and take I've had with my clients this week has been so rewarding. And the cuckolding inquires are flooding in, making me very excited about the potential for a lot of sensual humiliation. It makes a gal excited to wake up in the morning!