Monday, March 2, 2009

She Works Hard For The Money

So, I'm embarking on a new adventure in life. Putting my best patent pump forward, so to speak, and stepping out into the world as a Pro Domme. Change can be a scary thing, but I am very excited about the experiences and new slaves I'll be meeting!

In my vanilla life, I do administrative work. I've been "temping" in an office now for a few days a week for about 5 months. I say "temping", because I think they'll end up keeping me much longer. I think my boss's boss may have a bit of a thing for me. I don't have too much one on one contact with him, but about once a day he finds a reason to have to come to my cubicle.

Now, there's absolutely no reason for someone so high up in the office hierarchy to have to speak to me, but he pops in to say "Hi", or ask how I'm getting along. I'm polite, cheerful, and courteously brief. But he lingers...

Lately, I've taken to only wearing skirts to work. And all last week I only wore stockings, instead of pantyhose. Even my long skirts have a little walking slit up the back, so I know that when I'm crossing my legs, or leaning over my desk the tops of my stockings show. When he came to visit me on Friday I gave him a little something to think about over the weekend! ;)

As he was chit chatting, I repeatedly crossed and uncrossed my legs, making sure he got a nice long view of my legs from my calves up to the gartered nylons at my thighs. His voice got a bit quieter at that, and his eyes were trained on those nylons.With that reaction I couldn't resist spreading my legs a bit to give him a glimpse of my soft inner thigh.

I wonder if he thought about me while he antiqued with his wife, or whatever it is he does with his family over the weekend.

I've been wet thinking about that encounter all morning. He hasn't made his daily appearance at my cubicle yet. I haven't quite figured out what I'll do to tease him today...

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