Sunday, March 1, 2009

Launching My Diary

Welcome to the inaugural posting of my new blog! I am terribly excited about the conversations and ideas I will exploring here. It is my desire that you, my readers, will find it informative as well as titillating.

I have performed as a submissive for many accomplished Mistresses, and they have begun to encourage me more and more to explore my Dominant side. It has become clear to them that I have a natural intuition for what a submissive desires, and that it will be an asset to me in the future. I expect there will be stumbles along the way, but I have always seen mistakes as an opportunity to improve. My Mistresses assure me that my accomplishments will far outweigh my missteps. Education never ends.

Aside from diary like postings, this blog will include my experience in sessions, my fantasies, and updates about my site, The Lola Files, and my YouTube clips. I invite all of you who read this blog to comment, Ping!, email me, or chat.

Now, let's all have some filthy fun!!!!

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