Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sissy Shopping

Yesterday afternoon a Domme friend of mine, Ms. S, and I were chatting on the phone about a novice sissy, Kay, who is interested in femininity training. It seems that the young ladie has been harboring these desires for years, but owing to living with a large family in an extremely conservative part of the country, she's been unable to fully express her true self. We felt she needed our help, so we decided that we needed to take her shopping.

Yay shopping!!

When we got to the mall, our first stop was the cosmetics store so we could choose the perfect colors for our new gurl. Both Ms. S and I have worked as estheticians, so we knew we needed to start with Kay's make-up and skin care first. Kay could barely control her excitement when she saw all the colors there were to choose from, but we steered her first to the appropriate skin care products and proceeded to educate her on the proper way to cleanse and care for her type of skin. After that we allowed her to pick out her make-up, advising her along the way about the best shade to compliment her coloring.

Next was the shoe store. Kay is fortunate in that she posses relatively small feet, and we were able to find her two pairs of shoes that fit her beautifully. The first pair has a low heel, that's going to be her "practice" pair so she can learn how to walk in heels. When Kay first tried them on and attempted to walk down the aisle Ms. S and I couldn't help giggling at her awkwardness. We teased her that she would have to do alot of chores in her new heels in order to improve her gait. Kay's other pair of new shoes she'll have to work up to. Those are her "inspiration" shoes, a pair of red platforms with little ankle straps. So cute!!

Kay looked so proud and giddy following Ms. S and me and to the wig store. Kay swung her bags and pointed at all the things she was going to get once her transformation progressed. Ms. S and I reminded her she still had a long way to go, but we encouraged her enthusiasm (Kay is so adorable!). At the wig store we decided that Kay need a full wig until her hair grew out, and then we could get her some clip in extensions. We left the store with a fantastic wavy blonde wig that fell just past Kay's shoulders.

Ms. S and I had saved the best for last, and we made our way to the lingerie store. I could see Kay's clit pressing against her pants making a slight bulge when she began to touch all that silk and lace. She grew quiet, and reverently ran her fingers across satin panties, lacy bras, and sheer garters. We chose a pair of see thru white panties and bra set and a satiny black bra and thong set with lace on the edges for when she needed to look slutty.

As we made our way to the check out counter Kay looked over at the garters longingly, and we just couldn't resist getting her a pair. We let her pick out which ever one she wanted, and she chose a pink mesh garter skirt with darker pink bows at the hips. She'd obviously been listening when we had told her that pink was a good color for her ( very good gurl!). Of course now she needed stockings, and we picked out one pair of nude nylons and a black pair with seams up the back because every gurl needs a pair of seamed stockings!

When we got home we had Kay give us a fashion show of all her new things. She pranced around the house in her new lingerie and practice heels. Ms. S and I giggled and teased Kay when she danced sexy for us to the music on the stereo, and we tried to teach her how to move like a lady. Kay's going to have to work on that!

We didn't allow her to try her make-up on yet, but we did show her how to use her new skin care cleanser and moisturizers. Soon we'll be able to move on to her cosmetics and hair removal, but she must be patient, and we have to be sure she retains the basics before moving on to more advanced training.

Keep your fingers crossed for our gurl, Kay!!

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