Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Humiliated Cuckold

I hear the whimpering even before I walk thru the door. I know I will find my little pet chained to my bedpost, curled up on his blanket. It’s Friday evening, and he knows that means he’s in for a sleepless night suffering blue balls…I love Friday nights.

My lover follows me into my bedroom, not even bothering to glance at the pitifully eager slave at the foot of my bed. My pet peeks over the footboard to stare at the enormous erection my lover is displaying. If my slave’s cock wasn’t bound up in a plastic chastity cage I’m sure he’d be stroking his pathetic little flap of flesh. My pet is practically drooling with desire. Too bad for him!

“Come, my love,” I whisper to the tall strong man before me, “Kiss me.”

I pull my lover close to me on the bed, and devour his mouth with mine. He kisses me back with passion, and off in the distance I hear my pet squeaking sadly. I ignore my pet, and reach out for the rock hard cock of a real man. My lover moans against my lips, and squeezes my breast, rolling my nipple under his finger, and then it’s my turn to moan.

“You see this, pet?” I shoot over my shoulder, not taking my eyes of the broad shoulders and muscled arms of my lover, “This is what a true man can do to a woman. This is how a man turns a woman on. He’s strong, where you’re weak. He’s hard, where you’re soft. He’s eager, where you’re timid. You’ll never have what he can have, because you’re just a wimpy little sissy, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Miss,” my slave replies in a lispy little voice, “This slave is not worthy of you, Miss.”

“That’s correct, little pet. Now, get over here and hold this massive cock still so I can climb onto it.”

I hear the clanking of my slave’s chain leash as he crawls around to the edge of the bed to perform his final service of the evening. I lay my lover gently down onto the bed, keeping my eyes locked on my lover’s fierce and hungry gaze. His mouth is set in a confident smirk, and I can sense my slave’s hand snake between my thighs to hold my lover’s cock in place for me. My cunt is soaked, and my pet is so close I’m sure he can smell my arousal. If my little slave doesn’t smell my juicy pussy, I have no doubt he feels it. I’m dripping down my legs with desire.

I slowly pierce myself, relishing the first entry. My slave is not allowed to let go until I’ve fully embedded the entire shaft in me. I tease my desperate slave by using my incredible willpower to keep from going all the way down. I work myself up and down slowly, driving my lover into frenzy. I take pity on my lover, certainly not my slave, and slam my ass all the way until I’m sitting on my lover’s rigid thighs.

My slave slinks away, back to the foot of the bed to watch. I know without looking that he’s uselessly humping the air; sighing without relief. I quickly leave thoughts of my pet behind as I continue to work my lover’s cock, seeking my own orgasm; the frustrated tears of my slave falling on deaf ears.

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