Friday, July 3, 2009

Weak For Feet

This week has been all about the foot fetish! My boys must know when I've just received a glamorous pedicure, because not 24 hours after my toes were made baby soft, out cam the foot session requests! And my goodness have they been fun...

I already wrote about the first one this week, then yesterday, I had another. The most recent foot session I could do some bondage, so my toy got chained to the wall first thing. He was laid on the ground, wrists chained to the wall, and his feet bound to my suspension unit, wide open, so I could have easy access to torturing his cock, ball, asshole, and all that lays between.

I admit I was not feeling terribly cruel yesterday, so my pet got more "torture" than actual torture. His poor little nipples were clipped, but they just couldn't retain the clips I applied, so I had to discard them. But that just meant I turned my full attention to his cock! I alternated between vibration and smacking. I did crop his cock and balls a bit, but I was feeling really "hands on" and didn't use implements as much as I used my hands and feet.

And did I tease that pet!!! Ha! I straddles him while standing, leaned over his body to torment his cock and balls, and gave him a full view of my ass. Of course he told me how delicious it looked, and how badly he wanted to have it on his face. I told him how wet my panties were from causing him so much distress, and I ran my fingers over my cotton covered pussy and wiggled my ass at him. He continued to beg for me to bring my ass closer to his face, and I continued to tease him by lowering my ass just out of reach of his outstretched neck. I just laughed at his frustration.

I lubed his cock, and sat between his spread legs. I was in a chair, so he had a perfect view of my pussy while I slid my feet all over his cock and balls. I pulled my panties taut between my pussy lips, and he begged for me to give him a peek. As I worked the arch of my feet up and down the shaft of his prick, I kept my thighs open and ran my fingertips over my damp panties. I let him beg some more before I gave him a partial peek, pulling my panties to the side so he could glimpse my glistening flesh for a moment. Ha!

Eventually, I smothered him with my ass, and permitted him to work my clit with his mouth gagged with a pair of my stockings. If he was going to have my pussy smashed onto his mouth, he'd have to work for it, right? Ha ha ha! And he made an excellent effort, fighting against the gag to get ass much of my cunt in his mouth, working desperately to stimulate my clit. And he didn't neglect my asshole, legs, or feet either. He was appropriately enthusiastic and eager to please.

And what a slut when I got him bound to my spanking bench! He begged for his anal play, and promised me all sorts of service if I would just play with his asshole. That little anal slut wanted to get fucked so bad, but once again I had a toy who's eyes were bigger than his...asshole. Ha ha ha. These pets are fortunate I'm knowledgeable enough to know when they're ready for a thorough ass-fucking, and am willing to work them up to it, instead of just ramming into them when they have no idea what they're asking for. Still, he got all the play he needed, and he was gratifyingly trampy, shaking his ass at me, dedicating his asshole to my amusement, offering up his ass for me to turn out for money.

And pleased I was. Truly, it's weeks like this that make me so happy to be a Domme. The give and take I've had with my clients this week has been so rewarding. And the cuckolding inquires are flooding in, making me very excited about the potential for a lot of sensual humiliation. It makes a gal excited to wake up in the morning!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sorry for the lack of recent posts! :) Been soooo busy!

I've had two photoshoots, now offer cuckolding sessions (online and in person), and been learning so many new fun things!

I'm getting into much more electrical play, and am itching to really turn up the juice, so to speak! Heh heh.

And I am so excited about cuckolding play. It has been something I've been looking forward to doing for a while now. I just love the idea of a panting, horny slave, watching me get a rough rogering, and all my pet can do is endure. >:)

Give a look to my website,, to read about my experiences with Big Boss, so far.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and seeing you, soon!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome Back Big Boss

Well, Big Boss finally got his ass back where he belongs...With me!

I didn't think he deserved to have me all Dommed up our first meeting on his return from vacation. I felt that he was undeserving of having his fantasies fulfilled that. I hadn't even received the only task he was given for the 2 weeks he spent away. I didn't think that sort of behavior should be rewarded.

When I met him I wore a black strapless top, denim mini skirt, and high heeled sandals with ankle straps. I didn't bother with panties, but that wasn't for him; it was for my own convenience. I did, however, make up my eyes very dark as a tease for him. He loves that so much! ;)

Upon entering the room, I ordered him to strip. I didn't even grace him with my gaze, I just walked over to the mini bar and began to fix myself a drink. At the sound of the last piece of clothing being folded I turned around, sipped my drink, and told him to put his hands behind his head, and stood there looking at him.He expected me to do something then, but I did nothing but look and sip.

Big Boss bit his lip and waited. He began to feel very uncomfortable. He had to close his eyes because he couldn't stand to view his abject submission. I allowed it...for the moment.

I sauntered over to him, swaying my hips. Still, he didn't open his eyes, but I knew he felt me coming closer. I spoke to him in low tones, murmuring questions to him. I asked him how he felt being completely naked with his fingers interlocked behind his head. Barely audible to me he whispered that he felt small. I asked him if that meant he felt vulnerable, and he could barely get out the "yes". I just chuckled at his passivity...It's so easy to make him pliant...

I ordered him down on his knees, and told him to undress me. I knelt a bit so he could take my top off first, then stood up right so he could unbutton my skirt. I leaned on his shoulders as he slid off my skirt, stepping out, keeping my heels on so I would tower over him.

There I stood, naked, my pussy inches from his face. I grabbed him by the back of his head, and forced his face into my crotch. I made him lick my clit in thick, wide, wet strokes. He looked up at me with his puppy dog eyes, searching for reassurance. I just smiled my wicked smirk down at him, and figured I'd just let him continue to wonder if I was pleased.

I then told him to climb up onto the bed, lay on his back, and to bring his ankles up to his ass. I spread his knees open, and bound his thighs with rope, tying his ankles so he couldn't close them from my prying gaze. I bound his wrists above his head, and he groaned with shame. That made me laugh out loud, and I tweaked his nipples hard to make him squirm. I whispered in his ear that he was my very vulnerable toy now, and I had a new game for him to endure.

I reached under the pillow and retrieved the vibrating bullet I had hidden there earlier. Then I reached for the lube on the nightstand, and greased up my little silver toy, and then his tight asshole. He twisted in his bondage, but I had made sure he wasn't getting away. I slipped the bullet into him easily, and allowed him to get used to it just sitting there up in his ass.

By this point he was as docile as a lamb, and so deep into subspace he'd obey me without even thinking. I untied his ankles and thighs, then rebound him, mummifying him from the top of his thighs to just below his knees. I roped his ankles together and connected them to the foot of the bed, standing back to admire my handiwork. He looked like a caterpillar in a cocoon. :)

I climbed over his body , and sat down gingerly on his face, ordering him to resume worshipping my pussy and this time to be sure to include my asshole in his attentions. I reached for the remote of the bullet, and turned it on low. I felt him buck a little in surprise at the sensation, and I pressed down on his face with my ass to remind him what he was instructed to do. I let the remote go and reached for his rock hard cock. He was leaking cum, he was so turned on. I gave him long slow strokes, every so often turning the speed of the vibrator up a fraction.

By the time I had the vibe at full speed, he was devouring my cunt while moaning so loudly I was sure someone would hear. It made me laugh even harder to see him that state. He would have done anything for me, promised me anything at that point. I made him promise to take me shopping, wherever I wanted before I let him cum in thick ropey spurts, bucking his hips as much as he could while bound to the bed.

I tossed him some babywipes, and walked into the bathroom to take a shower, leaving him to struggle out of his bondage if he wanted to clean up.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last night my very good friend, Ms. Renee, and I had a photo shoot with a fantastic photographer here in Philadelphia. It was so much fun ! Ms. Renee and I had already decided how the different scenes would be composed, so we were very prepared with all our outfits when we got to the studio. The prevailing theme was "fuschia", a color both Ms. Renee and I look fantastic in! We started off with a little champagne while Ms. Renee applied her makeup. We got pretty loose, and there was plenty of giggling and joking with the photographer as we got ready. I was Ms. Renee's submissive in the shoot, a position I often take when she and I do double sessions. I was her chair, her serving tray, and I even got to undrees her with my teeth! She also dressed me up in some gorgeous rope bondage, even going so far as to tie up my fingers. There was even a bit of choking when Ms. Renee wrapped a length of rope around my throat and squeeeezed. Heh heh.At one point the photographer took a break to delete some of the pictures he wouldn't end up using, but there were so many good photos he said he hardly deleted any! Ms. Renee and I got a chance to review some of them as we went along, and we both looked so beautiful, I can't wait to recieve them. All my special slaves are going to be so thrilled to see thier Mistress in the submissive role that they usually perform for me!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kidnapping Big Boss

I have been having this recurring fantasy about kidnapping Big Boss and making him my slave.

I would meet him for a drink at the bar close to the motel we meet in, and slip a drug into his drink when he wasn't looking. As the drug took it's effect, and I saw him becoming drowsy, I'd scoop him up and whisk him away to my dungeon.

He'd be hooded when he became conscious again, and I'd have him naked and bound to a chair with his hands behind his back and legs spread wide. I'd have his mouth duct taped under the hood so I wouldn't have to hear his screaming. I don't need him to answer any questions just yet, I need him to listen.

I'd tell him how he was mine, now. I would say that he was leaving his old life behind, and that the faster he forgot about what he was before, the easier this new life would be for him. I would whisper to him that he was to molded into the perfect serving slave. That he would endure humiliations and pain for my pleasure; that to serve me gracefully and efficiently would be his reward.

I'm sure he would be frightened, and he'd be conflicted about whether or not to resist. But he would be immobilized in bondage, and he wouldn't know where to run to even if he were to escape. His tension and fear would fill me with pleasure, and I can feel my body hum at the thought of his torture.

I wouldn't let him sleep. I'd work on him all night, alternating between bringing him to the brink of orgasm, then dousing him with cold water. I would clip electrodes to his nipples and increase the current until he was bouncing in his chair, then lick at his nipples soothing the pain away. I would be administering the torture, but also be the comfort for him when it was over.

All during his torment I would tell him it was necessary for me to separate him from himself. That he would need to cease to be a human, and to become my "thing". My thing that lived only to do my bidding, to slavishly devote all of his attention and thoughts to pleasing me.

I would put him in chastity, telling him his orgasm were a thing of the past. In his service to me he would forgo cumming, and center all his sexual fantasies around my happiness. He will learn to lick my asshole, my pussy, my breasts, in the way I enjoy. My orgasm would be his goal when worshipping me, and he would submit to this, on command, whenever I desired.

The power, the control, his anxiety gets me off every time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cam 2 Cam

Well, Big Boss had some time alone at home this weekend, his family was away. I didn't have any spare time to see him in person, I had a performance with a Domme friend of mine at a local fetish event, so we had some fun on web cam.

As I got ready for the event, we chatted online with him appearing on webcam. I had him stroke himself as he watched me do my hair, apply my makeup, and dress for the performance. Every so often I would tell him to stop and slap his balls. But I didn't feel that was painful enough, so I had him wrap rubberbands around the base of his cock, and continue stroking. Whenever he was getting close to cumming I had him stop stroking and snap the rubberbands. I saw him jump a little in his chair with every pinch of the rubberbands, and I couldn't stop giggling at the state he was in! His cock head dripped with precum despite the pain he was in, and I forced him to gather up the droplets and lick them off of his fingers.

When I finished getting ready, I bent over in front of my webcam, and lifted my dress to show him my garters, stockings, and bare ass. I instructed him to jerk off while continuing to snap the rubberbands, and to cum for me. Big Boss orgasmed while I spread my ass cheeks for him to adore. Of course, he had to eat the offering he made to me!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Big Boss Gets His Reward

I wanted to come here and write about this as soon as I got home, but I was so exhausted I just layed out on the bed and passed out...Heh heh

Last night Big Boss and I met at the motel again. This time I had brought along a little toy to incorporate into our play. Actually, not a little toy a big one, my hitachi wand. I wore a very tight black tube dress that hugged all my curves and a pair of sheer black thigh high stockings, and open toe patent leather pumps. I stuffed an extra pair of nylons in my bag with the vibrator along with a bottle of lube. I ordered Big Boss to strip as soon as I entered the room, and told him to place one of the chairs at the foot of the bed. I bound his hands behind his back with the spare nylons, and I whispered in his ear that he had been very good with his chastity so far and I was going to reward him for his obedience.

I dripped lube onto his semi-erect cock and grasped his shaft, and he instantly became fully hard. I pumped his cock and continued to coo into his ear what a very good boy he was, and how pleased I am that he's so responsive to his Mistress's touch. I released his cock and sat on the foot of the bed. I spread my legs wide revealing that I had gone pantyless, and pulled my hitachi from my bag. When I plugged it into the wall I was sure to bend all the way over giving him an excellent view of my firm round ass and pink pouty pussy lips peeking from between my stocking clad thighs.

I was already moist by the time I returned to the bed. I ran my nylon covered feet up the inside of his leg, and smashed his balls against his groin with my left foot while I stroked his cock with my right. He was groaning, his eyes locked onto what my feet were doing. His cock was red with with desire, I could feel him throbbing thru his skin, and my clit throbbed right along with him! ;)

I reached for my vibrator, set it on low, and lodged it under his balls. I stood beside him, and instructed him to pull my stockings down with his teeth, sliding his face along my creamy soft legs all the way down to my toes. Once my stockings were rolled down I tied his ankles to the chair with them, sat back down on the edge of the bed. I shoved my toes into his mouth, instructed him to suck and lick them, while I used the vibrator all over the shaft and head of his now purple cock. He bucked his hips up and down and begged me to touch him with my hands, too. I just cackled at him!

I told him it turned me on to see him so helpless and frustrated, and I removed the hitachi from his crotch and placed it on my clit. He continued to worship my feet while I rubbed the vibrating head of the wand all over my soaked pussy, easily coming to a shuddering orgasm as he watched.

I took a moment to catch my breathe and then I reached for Big Boss's cock to give him some relief. It only took a few strokes , and when I ordered him to cum, his cock released my well deserved offering into my hand. I lifted my sperm soaked fingers up to Big Boss's mouth and made him consume every drop. He eagerly lapped up all his cum, and I patted him on the head and repeated that he was a very, very good boy.