Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quality Control

When I enter the room, he’s kneeling naked with his fingers clasped behind his head, his eyes downcast. It’s uncomfortable for him, but he’ll get used to it. My heels click on the tile as I sashay over to stand in front of today’s project. Mistress has provided me with an extra task this morning, along with my normal dungeon duties, and I’m eager to have this inspection over with so I can attend to my other chores.

“Mistress has entrusted me with your inspection, and I do hope you’ve been attentive to your preparations before coming to see Her,” I say in a clipped, no nonsense tone. I lean over, my face hovering near his ear.

“I have a lot to do, so let’s get this over with. Open your mouth,” and I peer at his teeth, checking for a freshly brushed, minty fresh mouth. I run a latex gloved finger over his teeth and I’m satisfied he’s at least seen to his dental hygiene. Next, I draw my hand across his cheek, and he’s been recently shaved with no discernable growth.

“Very good, piglet. Now, stand up, and arms up,” and I bind his wrists to the cinch overhead, after making sure his nails are clipped short. I throw the switch, sending him stretching up into the air. I give his underarms a sniff, and again he’s followed instructions to ensure Mistress is not assaulted by his unclean body. I pat his head approvingly before turning my attention to his cock.I grasp the pitiful piece of meat dangling between his thighs, twisting it to the left and then to the right to make sure he’s washed thoroughly.

“Well, piglet, you’ve washed, but I see you haven’t seen to the unruly bush surrounding it. Do you think Mistress has time to look for your tiny penis in all this? What if She wants to bind up your tiny penis? How will She find it?”

I walk to the cabinet in the corner and retrieve a pair of stainless steel scissors. The blades are long, sharp and glinting in the light. With the scissors closed, I run the cold metal along the inside of his thigh. He flinches when he feels the tip of the blades come up against the shaft of his cock, which is beginning to come alive. It stiffens as I press the scissors slowly into the delicate skin. Mistress wouldn’t allow me to break the skin of Her pets, but he doesn’t know that. I decide to have a little fun with him for making me have to do extra chores.

“Oh, little piglet, you like the fear, do you? Does that excite you? You’re little cock is getting very hard. I bet you wouldn’t be so hard if I decided to cut it off, would you?” I ask him laughing. I see him biting his lip, and I open the scissors with a scrape. He jumps a little, startled, and it makes me laugh even harder to have him in such a vulnerable position.

“Alright, piglet, enough of this playing. I have too much to do to waste more time for games with you. Spread your legs,” and I quickly and methodically clip away the extra pubic hair around his stiff little cock.

“Don’t think Mistress won’t hear about this, though” I tell him, chuckling.

After I inspect his toenails, and make sure his toes were free of fuzz from his socks, I lower the cinch and unclasp his wrists, telling him to get down on all fours. I walk back to the cabinet and remove a bottle of lube. I squeeze a generous amount onto the gloved fingers of my right hand, smearing them so they’re shiny and slick.

“Open your legs, piglet. Wider! Yes, that’s it. You had better have cleaned that tight asshole of yours, piglet. I do not have time to cleanse you this morning, and if I have to waste time tending to your filthy ass, I will not be pleased.”

I lean over and spread his cheeks open wide. The piglet has neglected to remove the hairs from his asshole, and I make a mental note to address that later, but now I have a more immediate task. I slide my greasy index finger into his hole, slowly at first, getting past his squeaky sphincter. I hear the piglet catch his breath, and I tell him to exhale slowly as I ease my finger deeper into his rectum. I don’t feel anything, and he seems to be clean, but Mistress wants me to be thorough.

I slip my index finger out, and reenter him with two fingers this time. I’m not as gentle with him as I am with the first finger. I enjoy the embarrassment he must be feeling. It’s one thing to submit to his Mistress, but when piglets have to subject themselves to my ministrations, they’re all the more humiliated. Mistress and I take much pleasure in the shaming of her slaves.

I work my two fingers in and out of the piglet’s ass, and I can feel him squeezing around my hand. The moans escaping his lips are low and whimpering. I feel nothing as I press in as deep as my fingers can go, and I’m satisfied that the piglet has prepared his internals for Mistress. I extract my fingers with a pop, and whip off my glove with a snap.

“Well, piglet, I’m relieved you’ve cleaned yourself out, but you seem to have a problem with your hairs back here. Do you have some sort of mental block where pubic hair is concerned? Mistress does not want to see you scraggly little asshole hairs when She turns her attention to your ass. It’s disrespectful.”

“This is one more extra chore I’ve had to perform because of you. Hold those hairy ass cheeks open wide for me while I fix you up properly for Mistress.”

The little piggy spread his ass apart, while I gathered the alcohol, tweezers, cotton, and another pair of gloves. After I pulled my fresh pair of gloves on, I swabbed the tweezers with the alcohol, and then wiped the cotton around the puckered hole of his ass, cleaning off the lube. The piggy only had a few hairs, maybe ten in all, but that was ten too many for Mistress. Little piglet was going to feel every one of those hairs removed from his tender asshole.

The first hair I pulled very slowly and the piggy gave a surprised yelp at the sharp lingering sting. I could hear him hiss and sucking in a breathe between clenched teeth when I immediately swabbed the open follicle with the alcohol soaked cotton. Smirking, I continued the plucking of his hairy ring; repeating the process of drawing out each hair achingly slow, followed by a stinging swipe of cotton.

“It is not your place to make more work for me, piglet,” I told him, cleaning off my tweezers and replacing them in cabinet. “I’m not going to let you forget about your thoughtlessness. Place your hands back onto the floor; I’m not done with your ass, yet.”

I select a long, narrow leather covered paddle from Mistress’s extensive collection hanging along the wall. It gives a satisfying smack when I test it against my hand, and the little piggy twists on all fours in front of me. I can see his pitiful cock swollen with pained desire bobbing between his legs. I doubt Mistress will be allowing such a disobedient slave any release today. I’ll be giving him a good warming up for the punishment he’ll be receiving for his neglectful grooming.

I give him a couple of swats with my gloved hand, but he doesn’t deserve a good slow build-up, so without pause I bring the paddle down onto the pink flesh of his ass. The cracking of leather on skin echoes against the walls, and I wait a moment to let that soak in before pulling back and delivering another full strength blow. The piggy grunts, as pig’s do, but I have no sympathy for a slave who doesn’t pay attention. I aim for his sweet spot with the next swing, and I’m answered with a barely muffled whimper from the piglet. I rake my nails over the freshly abused skin; bring up streaky welts despite the blunting latex of my glove. I administer a few more hard spanks over the newly raised marks before I realize that I have more important things I need to be looking after. Mistress would not want me to put off my other duties to correct this slave.

I balance the paddle across the pig’s rump saying, “I advise you not to move while you wait for Mistress. Mistress will be informed of your transgressions,” I repeat “And She will ensure that you won’t be so absent- minded when it comes to prepping yourself for service.”


  1. What wonderul imagery. My only thought is why would the slave want anyone else?

  2. To long and not realy exciting !

    *my first comment as coming out of exhibitioniste on interernet*