Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love for My Online Slaves

I love having my online slaves to Dominate. I know some Dommes prefer to only see their slaves in in person sessions, but the spontaneity of my online slaves is something I don't think I would want to go without.

My clients are busy running their businesses and firms, and they travel alot for their work. They come in when they make time to submit. It may come as a surprise to some, but being a Domme can be lonely sometimes. But not for me, and that's because of my online pets.

I'll give you an example. The other night after a session in the dungeon, I was still feeling that rush of adrenaline I always get when I have a submissive under my complete control. I figured I'd go unwind with a drink at the lounge nearby. So, there I am, body humming with energy, feeling vibrant and excited about the playtime I had just experienced, and no one to share it with. I just wanted to tell someone how much fun I had had, how my slave had begged for more body worship, pleaded with me to let him cum. But I was alone.

I was ordering my second drink when my phone buzzed in my bag, and I pull it out, and it's one of my online tributers. And we had the best time chatting and laughing as I regaled my slave with the games I had played that evening. My online slave and the slave I had sessioned with have similar interests, so my pet was practically panting by the time I was finished whispering how deeply I had penetrated my sub, and how I had made him yelp with his cock and ball torture, and desperate he sounded when he was denied an orgasm.

It was wonderful to have my pet on the other line telling me how he couldn't wait to see me online again, how grateful he was when I gave him my time on the phone. He worshipped me from afar with praise of my beauty and my skill. He really is a very charming little pet, and he's sending me a new latex outfit that I'll be wearing in some new pix coming soon. He's such a good boy.

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