Sunday, April 5, 2009

Naughty Schoolgirl

One of my favorite roleplays is the naughty schoolgirl. I just love to play the wicked little girl who Dominates dirty old men. I use my youthful appearance to manipulate men to do my bidding, and I make them endure humiliating activities to please me. When those dirty old men are with me they have to play my games!

My most recent schoolgirl session was with a professor the other day. I wore my grey jumper, white collared blouse, white knee socks, white cotton panties, and my soft soled maryjanes. I wore my hair in a ponytail with a satin bow.

I told him that he had to do everything I told him to do otherwise I was going to tell my parents how he peeps under my skirt when he thinks I'm not looking. I sat him down in a chair and bound him with bondage tape by the wrists. Then I wrapped the tape around his mouth so he couldn't make any noise. I sat in front of him and spread my legs wide, showing him my cotton covered pussy. I asked him if this is what he was always trying to get a peek of, and he nodded; eyes transfixed on my fingers playing across my pussy lips.

Then I turned around, lifted the hem of my jumper up and showed him my ass. I gave my bum a playful little slap, and caressed my ass cheek, tugging my panties into my crack. I asked him if he liked my ass, laughing when he nodded affirmatively again. I shook my butt at him, teasingly, and lowered myself into his lap. As I ground my ass into his crotch I told him what a filthy pervert he was, and how i really should tell on him and get him fired. I turned around, laughing, and straddled his lap, my dress bunched up around my hips, and rubbed my pussy down on his hard cock straining against his khakis.

I leaned over and licked the tape that encased his mouth, as I unbuckled his pants. I slid off his lap and brought his pants down around his ankles. The crotch of my panties were damp from teasing him, and I could see his erection slipping out of the flap of his underwear. I laughed at him for getting so turned on by such an inexperienced young girl.

I told him that I was getting all tingly between my thighs, and that I had the urge to rub it against something. I hopped back on him, putting a leg on either side of one of his thighs and began to move back and forth. I said that I wanted a pony ride from him, and I began to bounce on his leg muscle, making his flesh wet thru my the thin piece of cotton separating his skin from damp cunt. His cock swelled even more, and I whispered in his ear how I knew what he wanted, that he thought about putting his cock into my tight virgin cunt.

I stood up and said to him that I was giving him a choice. He could either jerk off in front of me and show me what it looked like when a boy cums, or he could lick my asshole. The look on his conflicted face was priceless! He had such a difficult time deciding what to do, but he finally settled on getting his tongue in my asshole.

I turned around and bent over the bondage bed, lifting the hem of my jumper up again revealing my pantie clad ass. I told him to start at my ankles and work his way up. He began by sprinkling kisses up my calves and then over my thighs, eventually making his way up to my ass cheeks. After burying his face into to crack of my ass over my panties, I told him he could pull my panties down and kiss my bare ass.

Once my panties were removed, he dove between my cheeks and licked my pink rosebud. He moaned and groaned into my ass, breathing in my scent, tasting me deeply. My asshole was soaked with his saliva, and I could feel my pussy lips swelling with desire. I pushed back into his face surrounding his face with flesh. His hands slid up cupping my ass cheeks spreading them a bit more so he could lick deeper into me. I scolded him for being so nasty, for liking to lick little girls. I reached around and gave him one last shove of his nose into my ass, and then sent him on his way with a wicked laugh and full balls!

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