Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've been having so much fun with my newest slave! He a complete newbie, but very very submissive already. He came to me in desperate nned of strap-on training, and I couldn't be happier with his progress.

During his last visit I dressed him up in silk stockings, a sheer mesh camisole and panty set, red wavy wig, and a full face of makeup. My little gurl hasn't progressed to wearing heels yet, but he's making great strides in becoming my blowjob princess!

At first he wasn't able to take my strap-on all the way in his mouth, and I've had to work with him alot with relaxing his gag reflex to be able to deepthroat. His little pink lip glossed mouth looks so good swallowing my flesh colored dildo. It makes me want to pound his face harder, forcing myself in until I hit the back of his throat. He licks all over my dildo making it glisten with his spit, and that's when I smack his cheeks with it. I don't let him touch his cock until I get behind him to fill his ass.

I never take his panties off, I just pull them down enough to reveal his pink rosebud asshole. I lube him up and ease my strap-on cock all the way in. He's so tight he squirms and twists, but I make him beg out loud for more. I tell him what a little cock slut he is, and I threaten to make him take a real cock if he doesn't fuck my strap-on with enough enthusiasm. Then I let him touch his hard cock, and he cums all over his panties with me impaling him.

One of these days I really am going to make him suck cock. My pet needs a bit more training before that can happen, but he's gonna be my number one little cocksucker!

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