Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last night my very good friend, Ms. Renee, and I had a photo shoot with a fantastic photographer here in Philadelphia. It was so much fun ! Ms. Renee and I had already decided how the different scenes would be composed, so we were very prepared with all our outfits when we got to the studio. The prevailing theme was "fuschia", a color both Ms. Renee and I look fantastic in! We started off with a little champagne while Ms. Renee applied her makeup. We got pretty loose, and there was plenty of giggling and joking with the photographer as we got ready. I was Ms. Renee's submissive in the shoot, a position I often take when she and I do double sessions. I was her chair, her serving tray, and I even got to undrees her with my teeth! She also dressed me up in some gorgeous rope bondage, even going so far as to tie up my fingers. There was even a bit of choking when Ms. Renee wrapped a length of rope around my throat and squeeeezed. Heh heh.At one point the photographer took a break to delete some of the pictures he wouldn't end up using, but there were so many good photos he said he hardly deleted any! Ms. Renee and I got a chance to review some of them as we went along, and we both looked so beautiful, I can't wait to recieve them. All my special slaves are going to be so thrilled to see thier Mistress in the submissive role that they usually perform for me!

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  1. I can't believe he really deleted some of the photos. The two You've kindly showed me were just perfect. You looked just wonderful! If the others were as good as these two he really shouldn't have deleted some of them.