Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kidnapping Big Boss

I have been having this recurring fantasy about kidnapping Big Boss and making him my slave.

I would meet him for a drink at the bar close to the motel we meet in, and slip a drug into his drink when he wasn't looking. As the drug took it's effect, and I saw him becoming drowsy, I'd scoop him up and whisk him away to my dungeon.

He'd be hooded when he became conscious again, and I'd have him naked and bound to a chair with his hands behind his back and legs spread wide. I'd have his mouth duct taped under the hood so I wouldn't have to hear his screaming. I don't need him to answer any questions just yet, I need him to listen.

I'd tell him how he was mine, now. I would say that he was leaving his old life behind, and that the faster he forgot about what he was before, the easier this new life would be for him. I would whisper to him that he was to molded into the perfect serving slave. That he would endure humiliations and pain for my pleasure; that to serve me gracefully and efficiently would be his reward.

I'm sure he would be frightened, and he'd be conflicted about whether or not to resist. But he would be immobilized in bondage, and he wouldn't know where to run to even if he were to escape. His tension and fear would fill me with pleasure, and I can feel my body hum at the thought of his torture.

I wouldn't let him sleep. I'd work on him all night, alternating between bringing him to the brink of orgasm, then dousing him with cold water. I would clip electrodes to his nipples and increase the current until he was bouncing in his chair, then lick at his nipples soothing the pain away. I would be administering the torture, but also be the comfort for him when it was over.

All during his torment I would tell him it was necessary for me to separate him from himself. That he would need to cease to be a human, and to become my "thing". My thing that lived only to do my bidding, to slavishly devote all of his attention and thoughts to pleasing me.

I would put him in chastity, telling him his orgasm were a thing of the past. In his service to me he would forgo cumming, and center all his sexual fantasies around my happiness. He will learn to lick my asshole, my pussy, my breasts, in the way I enjoy. My orgasm would be his goal when worshipping me, and he would submit to this, on command, whenever I desired.

The power, the control, his anxiety gets me off every time.


  1. My, what a deliciously sadistic scenario. Truly the "edge of the cliff" that we submissives w/ slave fetishes continuously creep towards. Afraid of the drastic fall into object-hood yet irresistibly drawn to it. Well done, Lady Lola.

  2. Yes, I can only agree with mutantd. It's been a wonderful scenario and I loved every single word of the post, just like I loved the other posts. It's awesome and inspiring to read Your blog, Lady Lola.