Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cam 2 Cam

Well, Big Boss had some time alone at home this weekend, his family was away. I didn't have any spare time to see him in person, I had a performance with a Domme friend of mine at a local fetish event, so we had some fun on web cam.

As I got ready for the event, we chatted online with him appearing on webcam. I had him stroke himself as he watched me do my hair, apply my makeup, and dress for the performance. Every so often I would tell him to stop and slap his balls. But I didn't feel that was painful enough, so I had him wrap rubberbands around the base of his cock, and continue stroking. Whenever he was getting close to cumming I had him stop stroking and snap the rubberbands. I saw him jump a little in his chair with every pinch of the rubberbands, and I couldn't stop giggling at the state he was in! His cock head dripped with precum despite the pain he was in, and I forced him to gather up the droplets and lick them off of his fingers.

When I finished getting ready, I bent over in front of my webcam, and lifted my dress to show him my garters, stockings, and bare ass. I instructed him to jerk off while continuing to snap the rubberbands, and to cum for me. Big Boss orgasmed while I spread my ass cheeks for him to adore. Of course, he had to eat the offering he made to me!

1 comment:

  1. Now I'm just glad You didn't have me use these rubberbands on my cock, Lady Lola, although I must admit that I'd love to go through it to be allowed to see on cam what Big Boss was allowed to see. ;)